John DeFoor Sr. is a political candidate who holds many values. A focus on balance and representation is important to his campaign. In recent years Platte County politics have strayed from an equal representation of its citizenry. John is running to make sure all citizens are represented and there is transparency in our government.  Lack of change breeds complacency and stagnation, it's time for a change in Platte County and we are gonna have to fight for it. We cannot lose our democracy to political extremists, nationally or locally.  Read on to learn more about the issues facing Platte County and how we can overcome them.
Government Transparency

Local government should be accessible and accountable to the community.  Leaders are responsible to hear and consider the ideas of the people they were elected to represent. We deserve a government that operates with transparency and honesty. We deserve commissioners that rely on factual information when addressing community concerns and creating policy. I will maintain transparency by utilizing available resources to give Platte County residents up-to-date information on county issues and government actions.

Public Health and Saftey 

Public Health is an issue that affects all citizens of Platte County. I support our county Health Department and look forward to working with them to make decisions that are best for every member of our community. Without a properly funded Health Department, our citizens are at risk. Platte County needs healthcare resources for those who are without care or those that are underinsured as well as accessible mental health programs.

Cannabis Laws

Kansas City has decriminalized cannabis and cannabis-related paraphernalia within the city limits. I will lobby for a reduction in Platte County laws regarding marijuana possession to an ordinance violation. This would lower the public cost of jail time as well as ease the workload of the already overwhelmed court systems in Platte County. Currently, even within the Kansas City overlap, a person caught with cannabis can face up to a year in jail and up to two thousand dollars in fines per current Platte County law.

I believe Platte County should adopt legislation that aligns with our municipalities on cannabis. This plan will benefit the Platte County sheriff's department, reduce overpopulation in jails, and relieve the court system and citizens by removing the burden of cost and time that the current law perpetuates. It’s time to stand up for our neighbors who rely on medical marijuana for relief. It’s time to move forward.

Small Business

Small businesses are integral in our community and over the past year, many have faced insurmountable odds.  It is important to me that we support and help our locally operated and family-owned businesses prosper. Federal relief funds were issued to our community with the intent to assist struggling businesses who were forced to close or reduce hours during covid restrictions. Unfortunately, these funds were not equally distributed throughout Platte County leaving some of our hardest-hit without the assistance necessary to navigate through the pandemic. This type of inequity not only affects small business owners but also the employees that depend on those jobs to feed their families. These are our neighbors and they deserve better. I will stand up for small business owners and the families that depend on their employees and the many goods and services they provide for our community.

Diversity & Inclusion

Social equity is a complex issue. As National progress towards social justice continues, I am committed to advancing the discussion in Platte County of how we can foster an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion for our citizens. I am committed to ensuring Platte County is a welcoming community to all people who seek to make their home here. I promise to use my voice and vote to ensure this community feels safe and supports diversity, in its many forms. I will actively fight for the equality of all Platte County citizens.

Union Support

Unions are important for workers in our community. They provide livable wages and better health care benefits for the families they represent. I have been a union worker for the last 17 years. I know how important union representation is for fairness in the workplace. I will stand behind the union workers in our county.